5 Words in Advertising Every Entrepreneur Must Know

5 Words in Advertising Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Media companies in Cameroon make advertising very difficult for advertisers and entrepreneurs. Likewise, entrepreneurs in Cameroon pay little or no attention to advertising and the wonders it can bring to their businesses.

On the one hand, some Cameroonian entrepreneurs consider advertising to be expensive. Others simply do not see the need for an actual or official advert and as such, hardly check the results of the little advertising campaigns they manage to run. 

Another group of entrepreneurs think advertising is stressful and it’s not hard to see why. The media in Cameroon do not make their advertising prices and spaces public. They expect potential clients to ask for this information which is tedious, considering that the client has to consult anywhere between three to five media houses to get their prices before making a choice.

However, quite a few online platforms make this information readily available to anyone in search of such information. And one such platform is Poblysh that gathers information about advertising spaces from several African countries, including Cameroon, to ease the search for an ideal media organ to consult for ads.

For the few entrepreneurs who take advertising seriously, here are five words in advertising every entrepreneur must know in order to execute an effective marketing strategy.

1 - Media Plan 

Being the plural for medium, media are the communication channels through which information is disseminated (including adverts). Planning, as we discussed in my other article on How to Plan a Media Tour in Cameroon, is very important. 

Media planning should be aimed at identifying and selecting the best combination of media outlets to achieve any objective. 

Entrepreneurs must check out all possible media organs, be it traditional or social media, to see which ones will work best for their ads. For example, CRTV (radio/television) and Cameroon Tribune are loved by mostly the old and middle-aged people. Meanwhile, blogs like Betatinz, Arreyb.com, and job search engines like Njorku.com are visited mainly by the younger generation. If your ad is focused on Christians, then perhaps, you should be checking out iJesusAfrica, CBS Radio, or Transgenerational Forces.

2 - Media Kit 

Also known as a press kit, a media kit is the first thing entrepreneurs need to ask from a media organ when you contact them because it contains all the information there is to know about a business or company. Information like the company overview, the fact sheet and biographies of key players, multimedia elements, contact information, press releases, audience demographics/size, FAQs, and product descriptions, will make it easy for journalists to understand your business.  

Media kits have a very specific focus and purposes as they can be sent to journalists to encourage them to promote a company. It can also be sent to current and potential partners. Media kits vary with different media organs, for instance, while radio will talk about listenership, TV will use viewership, and social media influencers will be more about engagements(likes/comments/shares). 

Every advertising space listed on Poblysh.com has all the necessary information available in the media kit.  

3 - Rate card

Do you want to advertise with a media organ? Ask for their rate card first. This is a document containing ad prices and descriptions for the various ad placement options available in a media organ for advertisers. 

A lot of media organs in Cameroon, however, do not have a ready rate card and even those that have one, do not follow it. And this is why; their ad prices are negotiable. Now, isn’t that a glorious thing? That is why Poblysh.com is gathering various rate cards for different Cameroonian media organs to ease clients’ navigation through several rate cards in the shortest possible time and in the process, helping them to launch their promotion campaigns with ease.

4 - Ad Inventory (or Advertising Inventory) 

An advertising inventory is the total number of advertisements or amount of ad spaces a publisher has available to sell to an advertiser at a given time. On Poblysh, entrepreneurs can find the right ad spaces for their promotion campaigns, sell any kind of ad inventory from conventional ad spaces like billboards and radio spaces, to unconventional ones like logo space to a brand mentioned on a Twitter post.

 5 - Ad Demographics

A demographic profile can be used to determine where and when an advert should be placed to realize maximum results. 

Dividing consumers into groups based on age, gender, income, and location can help advertisers determine their target audience for particular products. In order to target millennials, online advertising with Cameroonian media like Betatinz, Arreyb Media, Akwajobs, Njorku, and Mimi Mefor Info. On Demographics, you can list not only your ad spaces but also, audience information.

Advertising requires a lot of patience and planning. With Poblysh, you can easily find and book ad spaces with media from Cameroon and across Africa as media can list an unlimited number of ad inventory for free.

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