Promotion Campaign Strategy for Upcoming Artists to Grow December Bookings

Promotion Campaign Strategy for Upcoming Artists to Grow December Bookings

Who is this for?

This media plan strategy is for upcoming artists who want to promote themselves, their brands, and their music so that they can be booked by event organizers to sing/present for events during the December festive season.

Who are the target customers of Upcoming Artists?

Event Planners, Birthday organizers, wedding celebrants, concert organizers.

Media Promotion Strategy

December is always an eventful period in the year filled with weddings, birthdays, end-of-year parties, galas, and concerts. This is a beautiful time for upcoming artists because they can make money as guest artists for all these events.

This opportunity comes with a challenge. How will the event organizers know you exist? Why should they choose you over others? Your objective is to select the kind of events you want to sing at and come up with a strategy to reach the organizers of your market segment and make them know you are the best person to sing during their events. 

The base of the strategy is to engage with broadcast and online media brands to discuss your music, your unique angle, and why you are an excellent choice for a guest artist at the events you are positioning yourself for. While doing this, you need to find creative ways to make more people watch your music on YouTube as well as get it on TV.

Take the following steps to plan your media promotion strategy:

1. Define your Market

You cannot sing at every event. So, it makes sense to pick the events that resonate with your brand. Be bold enough to define your audience and clearly define the kind of events you don’t want to sing at. Do not forget to mention your preferred events during your media tours and why you love them.

For example, if you are a gospel artist, clearly communicate that you love to share your songs at Christian weddings to create a spark in their lives as they begin their married lives. And be clear that you do not have any intention to sing at Marleyan concerts. Be bold to declare who you want to work with and who don’t want to work with and tell your story to create resonance.

2. Do your Research

When you are clear about your market, your next step is to figure out how you are going to reach them. Mass media is your best bet. You have to research all possible mass media in your target market. Think broadly; radio, TV, bloggers, newspapers, social media influencers, pastors, politicians, events… you can only be limited by your creativity. is a great place to research for media brands to work with. Get in touch with us if you want us to build your campaign for you.

During the research phase, list all possible media vendors, check out their audience sizes, audience demographics, and policies. Note down the ones you want to work with and prepare yourself to contact them. 

Get about 5 times more than you need (can afford) because for some reasons, you will turn some of them down, or some of them might not want to work with you because of your budget, your message, or any other reasons.

3. Contact Media Brands for your Media Campaign (Tour)

With a list of Media brands, you’ll love to work with, you can begin contacting them through a combination of multiple ways like:

  1. Hire a PR agency to get in touch with them (Expensive)

  2. Look around on the Internet and contact your networks to get their contacts. Email and call them to inquire about their prices and how you can work together (tedious, you will easily get cheated or scammed)

  3. Use to message the media brands and negotiate prices for their media inventory. (Seamless)

Whatever method you choose to contact the media brands, go through your list and engage with them, negotiating until you pick a list of brands you want to work with and is within your budget.

4. Execute on your Campaign

After communicating with all the media brands, you will be able to come up with a campaign tour calendar. You will be informed on all what is required of you. They could be graphics, videos, links to your videos, social media profiles, your contact information, how to book your services… and more. Put all of these together and work with the media brands to get your message out there. 

Don’t forget to clearly define your call-to-action ー asking event organizers to book you, and how to book you. If you can be reached by phone, provide the phone number. If you have a manager who handles your bookings, make sure s/he is always available to provide all the required information.

5. Connect with Other Artists to Exchange Promos for Free

After your media tour, your name will be out there, and you might even be making some waves. This is a great time to use this temporary clout to get some free exposure from your network who also want to piggyback on your new-found media swag.

Get in touch with other artists to do some collabo stunts. Use your own social channels like Facebook and Instagram Live, Zoom, Snapchat, and TikTok to engage your fans and the fans of your friends. Organize private karaokes and livestream them. Sing to fans who have birthdays on Facebook Live, and make the fans of your friends to also become your fans.

6. Try to Get Some Free Press by Telling your Story or Creating a Story

With the media campaign and the engagement with your friends, you might be hot. With a little strategy like karaokes at orphanages or some private fun parties with bloggers, you might just get some free press. Be upfront when asking for free press help and where possible, offer something in exchange. Keep the hype growing.

7. Cold Call Event Organizers

With all this hype built around you, you should have some event organizers contacting you already. Whether you do or you don’t, as long as your bookings calendar is not filled, there’s still room for sales. Pick up your phone, or your manager’s phone and make calls to event organizers. Tell them you want to hang out and chat and then pitch your services to them to sing at their events. It is a business. Selling has to be intentional.

8. Rinse and Repeat

As you begin this process, you will make some mistakes or some things might not work exactly as planned. Move fast, make and embrace the mistakes, learn, and improve. Do it again and again. Get results, make money and grow your career.


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