How to Use the Media in Your Product Launch

How to Use the Media in Your Product Launch

Launching a product is a huge task; probably more challenging than building the product itself. To market the product, we must make it visible to our prospective buyers, but the biggest challenge is how to do it. Launching is a crucial moment that needs all the attention it can get.

PR pros and marketers are relying on social media as one of the important media to endorse their product because its popularity makes it perfect for new products to make an entry. Social media makes it ‘viral.’

First, ask yourself, how many products should you launch at once? Many will gladly want to launch all their products; 5, 10, 20, or 30? But this is not a good business strategy because launching so many products will be in a bid to satisfy everyone’s expectations which will weaken your focus and efforts. Looking at it carefully, most successful companies started with launching one or two products, before introducing other products later. 

As a startup, stay focused on one or two key products and build your base from there. When you satisfy your customers’ needs in one specific market, they’ll ask for more products.

The media is the best bet among several ways to launch your product. Let’s see how the media can help you launch your product with success.

Planning is key

Planning is very essential in product launch as it is in many, if not all business aspects. You need a thorough plan for a successful product launch and for that, you have to make good use of the media (social and traditional). 

Know who your audience is and on which media you can reach them, at what time and what message structure to use. A considerable amount of media information is found on online platforms like which is focused on bringing entrepreneurs close to their ideal media organs by providing vital information including media kits and rate cards from media houses across Cameroon. 

Go overboard with outreach. Obscurity kills businesses

You need all the attention you can get to successfully launch your product and the media is just the place to get that. Traditional media allows you to target a broad audience through print advertising, television commercials, billboards and more while new media lets you target audiences through social media, paid online ads, and organic search results. Even as we must admit that traditional media is more expensive, you should make use of both media segments for the sake of a successful launch.

Target major media outlets

Attention is the Internet’s currency. With the right strategy, you can land a major media placement. Pitch yourself as an expert and target high-profile news outlets and social media sites.

Use content marketing 

Start a blog

Invest some time in creating a high-quality blog that talks about your business or related topics that consumers will be interested in reading. Write a blog post to announce your launch. Get users to share your content, bringing traffic to your website regularly.

Create a webinar

You might also want to hold a webinar that ties to the content of your launch, record an episode relating to your campaign on your podcast, or create splendid infographics.

Include images in your marketing campaign, especially if you’re using social media to promote or when writing a blog post. The best kind of images to use, however, are infographics which display images, facts, and statistics in a creative and engaging manner. Just one infographic can be able to make your product launch a success.

Build rapport with bloggers

Also, interact with other bloggers. Establish a relationship with other bloggers. One reason why Nigerian businesses, especially the entertainment industry, is very viable is that they know and acknowledge the presence of bloggers and the power they hold. To get a blogger here in Cameroon like ArreyB or Betatinz to blog about your business, organize an event and send free samples of your product. As experts in their field, they tend to have a loyal audience waiting and willing to follow their recommendations. Are you now thinking about what I’m thinking?

Optimize your website speed

Make sure your website works at the speed of light. Yes! There is nothing more frustrating than a website that takes forever to load. Be sure to talk to an expert to do a quick fix and make sure your website can open swiftly and look good both on desktop and mobile. 

Harness the power of video

Produce prelaunch videos to jumpstart product sales and build brand awareness. Almost every social media site is now flooded with videos. All you need do is break the noise with a captivating video and gain new audiences. While remembering to create some for traditional media like TV because no matter how much social media has won the hearts of people, television is one unforgettable invention that cannot be ignored when launching your products.

Find influencers

A respected influencer gives instant product credibility. Get industry influencers to put your product in front of their fans through endorsement campaigns.

Launch a teaser

A good way to get your users excited for the product launch is to launch a teaser campaign. It is a powerful tool. It helps grab attention and build anticipation. To make this work, find a suitable media platform.

Get to the point and don’t reveal too much

However, do remember to create a recommendation system. Word-of-mouth continues to be an incredibly effective way to get a product out there. Users naturally talk to their friends about products they use and recommend, but you can also give them a little push by offering a discount or other incentives in exchange for telling their friends. However, all these methods work well in hand for a successful launch.

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