Our Mission is to facilitate media buying transactions as a way to help businesses grow.

We are building Poblysh with the idea that brands should be able to buy and sell media inventory in a similar way as we buy and sell products in a digital marketplace. As a result, we set out to build a digital marketplace where media businesses can list their available inventory and services to be discovered by brands through a powerful search and filtering system uniquely designed for the efficient discovery of the best media inventory for a marketing, promotion, branding, launch or ad campaign.

We will continue to investigate the aspirations of media sales people and media buyers (marketers, advertisers and entrepreneurs) so that we can improve existing tools and build new tools to make their jobs easier and their lives better.

We love to see a world where media businesses continue to build communities and tell stories, trusting that their operations will be funded with well deserved revenues from media sales; while brands continue to achieve their goals as they discover and reach the hearts of these people through their various collaborations, advertising and paid promotion campaigns.

Our Brand Name

Our brand name is inspired by the key activity in the media sector “to publish”. Today, we use different verbs like “to post”, “to submit”, “to tweet”, however, they all mean the same thing, “to publish”. Everyday, we publish ideas, inspiration, videos, music, texts, adverts, paid promotions and more. We publish these to reach and connect with people hoping that the right message may help us establish our connections and achieve our collective goals.

Poblysh is pronounced in the same way as Publish (pub.lish)