Billboard Ad / 970x250px / 300x250px (Above Fold)

Media Types: Online Video Text On Screen

Content/ Audience Categories: News Sports Politics

Channel Types: Newspapers

NGN 1125000 / week

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Client's business or brand is published on our website as a billboard advert of either 970 by 250 or 300 by 250 pixels above the fold. This avails client's business to our daily site visitors both via mobile and desktop.

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Age groups 30 - 85 yrs
Male : Female ratio 80 : 20 %
Education Educated below University Level University Students Young Graduates Very Educated (Above Masters and Doctorate) All Education Levels
Employment Mostly Unemployed Mostly Employed Employed equals Unemployed All Employment Levels Mostly Entrepreneurs Mostly C Level Executives
Media/ Audience Languages English
Interests of audience Sports games Politics

Audience Size

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Not specified

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Page likes 1040482 / Month
Average Number of Posts Likes 300 / Month
Average Number of Posts Comments 300 / Month
Average Posts Reach / Month
Average Messages Received / Month

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