Desktop Skyscraper 120 * 600 px on Home Page

Advertising Space Description

Desktop Skyscraper 120 * 600 px  on Home Page

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Audience Summary

Audience Demography

Age groups 30 - 45 yrs
Male : Female ratio 80 : 20 %
Education Educated below University Level University Students Young Graduates Very Educated (Above Masters and Doctorate) All Education Levels
Employment Mostly Unemployed Mostly Employed Employed equals Unemployed All Employment Levels Mostly Entrepreneurs Mostly C Level Executives
Media/ Audience Languages English
Interests of audience Newspapers Politics Sports

Audience Size

Blog & Website Stats

Not specified

Facebook Stats

Page likes 3308438 / Month
Average Number of Posts Likes 300 / Month
Average Number of Posts Comments 150 / Month
Average Posts Reach / Month
Average Messages Received / Month

Advertising Creative Requirements

Advert Dimentions W: 120 pixel   H: 600 pixel
Advert Duration Min: 1 Minute(s),   Max: 60 Minute(s)
Copy length Min: Select unit,   Max: Select unit
File size Min: 250 Kilobytes,   Max: 5000 Kilobytes

Advertising Space or Office Address


Pulse NG – is Nigeria's popular news platform online highlighting the entertainment, style and news that are part of and the West African DNA.

There are many voices out there covering news, music, movies and entertainment in general. Pulse Nigeria is there to make those voices louder and connect with a global audience.


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(234) +234 809 085 7338

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