Lead Banner Ad On Homepage (728 * 90 pixels) for 3 Weeks

Media Types: Online On Screen

Content/ Audience Categories: Business Careers News Economics Technology Entertainment Sports

Channel Types: Blogs

2625.03 GH₵ / issue

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Client's brand is displayed as the lead banner on our website (728*90 pixels) for a period of three weeks

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Audience Demography

Age groups 30 - 65 yrs
Male : Female ratio 80 : 20 %
Education All Education Levels
Employment All Employment Levels
Media/ Audience Languages English
Interests of audience Business Entrepreneurship Online advertising Social media marketing Sports games Politics and social issues

Audience Size

Blog & Website Stats

Not specified

Facebook Stats

Page likes 3750 / Month
Average Number of Posts Likes / Month
Average Number of Posts Comments 5 / Month
Average Posts Reach / Month
Average Messages Received / Month

Advertising Creative Requirements

Advert Dimentions W: 728 pixel   H: 90 pixel
Advert Duration Min: 1 Week(s),   Max: 3 Week(s)
Copy length Min: Select unit,   Max: Select unit
File size Min: 250 Kilobytes,   Max: 5000 Kilobytes

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About Graphic Online.co.gh

Valued client, I wish to welcome you to our platform. We are a company working to empower humanity with true information and help build a global society whose members are well- informed and can freely express their opinions and take other’s opinions as well as make informed choices because they have facts, whether about products, services or state policies. 

We do this by producing news that is well researched, balanced and factual. Also, through advertising, we empower people with information on goods and services to enable them to make choices, knowing why they choose a particular product over others. In doing this, we make a firm commitment to infuse excellence into all what we do. 

We hold the view that any product or service from us must exceed customers’ expectation. This means we should constantly be looking for new ways to make our products and services more exciting without losing quality.

Innovativeness is, therefore, one of the values we cherish. We serve news to readers through channels they prefer. Hence, we are aggressively engaged in digitization of news in order to make it possible for our readers to get the news where they have shown to be their preference – the digital space. 

We also believe that we and our customers are a family who need to know one another more closely. This platform serves to facilitate this relationship.

Though we are a commercial organisation, we have a firm believe that our business is about humanity so we engage in social responsibility to help deal with some of the social challenges of society as our means of sharing our profit with society.

 It is our hope that you will get to know our company better and also find information that makes it easy for you to do business with us.


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