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Age groups 30 - ? yrs
Male : Female ratio 80 : 0 %
Education University Students Young Graduates Very Educated (Above Masters and Doctorate) All Education Levels
Employment Mostly Unemployed All Employment Levels Mostly C Level Executives
Media/ Audience Languages English
Interests of audience Business Economics Higher education Entertainment Sports games Politics and social issues Sports

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Page likes 851000 / Month
Average Number of Posts Likes 11 / Month
Average Number of Posts Comments 5 / Month
Average Posts Reach / Month
Average Messages Received / Month

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File size Min: 1 Kilobytes,   Max: 5000 Kilobytes

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Independent Newspapers Limited, registered on July 17, 2001 (RC No: 419927), commenced publication on October 1, 2001. With registered office at 8, WEMPCO Road, Ogba, Ikeja, it publishes  INDEPENDENT, Monday – Friday, Saturday Independent, Sunday Independent,, TV Independent on YouTube and IndependentNgr (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).


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(+358-18) +234 802 305 1318