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XAF 25000

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The Startup Press Partner package offers startups and small businesses an opportunity to get 6 of their press releases published on Afro Hustler within a period of 12 months.

The Startup Press Partner package is suitable for startups and small businesses who want to try out working with the Press as a way to tell their stories with our ever-growing readership of Africa’s entrepreneurial community, but do not have the time to invest in always freshening their brand, nor the money to invest in expensive press campaigns.

The Startup Press Partner package gives you the opportunity to get news about your startup or small business published as a Press Releases on up to 6 times within a year for just FCFA 25,000. ($50) This package gives you an opportunity to enjoy exposure and share your story on a very low budget. This offer is suitable for you even if your marketing team did not budget for Press as part of your marketing strategy. You are advised to get an in-house writer or a freelance writer to craft your press releases.

The Startup Press Partner comes with the following features

  • Access to Afro Hustler staff for a story concept for your press campaigns - Not available
  • Access to Afro Hustler Writer to write your press release - Not available
  • Access to Afro Hustler editor to edit and publish your press release - 6 Press Releases Your
  • Press Releases shared to all Afro Hustler social media pages - Available
  • SEO Optimization of your Press Release published on - Available

Why should we worry about press releases?

A well-written press release can garner the attention your business needs. But a well-distributed press release can generate massive traffic and thousands of dollars of sales for your business.

Our press release services are designed to offer you just that. No matter what industry you’re in, no matter how small or big your company is, and even if you don’t have that “Dangote story”, you do have stories that can get you coverage in business journals, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and other publications that cover your industry. Of course, you can’t get that publicity unless you tell your story.

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Age groups 15 - 65 yrs
Male : Female ratio 60 : 40 %
Education University Students Young Graduates Very Educated (Above Masters and Doctorate)
Employment Mostly Unemployed Mostly Employed Mostly Entrepreneurs
Media/ Audience Languages English Pidgin English
Interests of audience Business Design Fashion design Graphic design Economics Engineering Entrepreneurship Higher education Management Marketing Digital marketing Email marketing Social media Social media marketing Web design Web development Web hosting Sales Reading Books Non-fiction books Coffee Restaurants Coffee houses

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Page likes 5786 / Month
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