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10000 XAF

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Sidebar banner ad space on Supports most formats HTML5, gif, jpeg, png (<260kb). FCFA 5,000/day will be invested to drive paid traffic to the website.

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Age groups 30 - 85 yrs
Male : Female ratio 60 : 40 %
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About Afro Hustler

Afro Hustler ( is a curated community of African entrepreneurs and professionals that creates and promotes progressive conversations about business, entrepreneurship, and professionalism in Africa.

Afro Hustler’s Editorial Team helps our community to create and publish great content that will educate and inspire others in the community, while at the same time establishing the content creators as thought leaders and go-to experts in their fields.

Our mission is to create progressive conversations through content that will establish African entrepreneurs and professionals as global experts.

Afro Hustler is a service of Makonjo Group Limited, a technology company with a mission to promote honest and progressive conversations.


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