Daily Nation Newspaper Kenya

Message Me Kimathi Street, Nairobi City.

The Daily Nation is Kenya’s and the region’s most
widely read daily newspaper.
It has a strong heritage in objective, truthful and
candid reporting of the day’s political affairs.
Launched in 1960, Daily Nation
is by far the largest circulation
newspaper in Kenya and the region.
It is the only newspaper in Kenya
subscribed to The Audit Bureau of
Stands for Truth and Objective
The DN is inclusive in its content
and has something for everyone
giving it relevance and appeal to
men, women, youth and young
- Male and Female aged 35-45yrs
- Education level: ‘O’ Levels and
- Both urban and rural dwellers
- Behavioral- Like to keep updated
on current affairs and be
informed on a wide spectrum of
- May have access to internet
news sources.
Daily Nation features local &
international news and politics,
human interest stories, business,
sports etc. 



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