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Radio Taifa (National) is the most respected radio station in Kenya and in the world. It is one of the radio stations owned by the Comparative Comparison Agency of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). Radio National began airing broadcasts in 1953 before Kenya became a sovereign nation and mainly targeted African-Americans.

Radio National is proud to be the only station that has played such an important role in achieving development in this country, strengthening nationalism and national solidarity. Many of the biggest names in politics, sports, economics, achieved their popularity due to this channel. And in the broadcast industry?

Radio National has some of the best and most acclaimed broadcasters Broadcasters know how to reach the needs of audiences ranging from news, education and entertaining music. This is why this station is attracting audiences from all corners of Kenya. There are many. Kenyans living outside Kenya are receiving its attractive advertising through modern installations and as a result its popularity continues to expand every morning.

Take a look here in Kenya and outside Kenya and note that many of the best broadcasters in broadcasting, television and radio stations, have ever been on Radio National as students or as employees. In fact Radio National is the only station in Kenya that offers the largest opportunity for students from various colleges to gain broadcasting skills. In addition, various dunian broadcasting stations collaborate with Radio National after identifying informative speech on relationships a key role that the station plays in the Kenyan nation.

It is clear that the listener does not just live with music. Radio Nation, which is the country that promotes patriotism, recognizes that education and information are a vital pillar in the development of the individual and our nation. Thus, National Radio spends most of its resources preparing programs for Kenyans; periods of agriculture, technology, sports, religion and politics.

The National Radio Station has great potential to broadcast live broadcasts from any part of Kenya. Radio National uses the latest technologies to ensure that its broadcasts are accessible through all modern devices such as computers, mobile phones and digital TVs. These technologies and staff skills and improved collaboration between stakeholders have made Radio National an exclusive Kenyan channel for discussion, directly from the national parliament and the senate. The center also boasts you for important national day activities (Power Day, Heroes Day, Republic Day), soccer and athletics, and primary school examinations (KCPE and high school (KCSE)).


Listen to National Radio: Nairobi 92.9 FM, Mombasa 100.8 FM, Kisumu 104.5 FM, Nakuru 104.1 FM, Eldoret 88.6 FM, Namanga 89.9 FM, Meru 90.4 FM, Nyeri 87.7 FM, Kisii 103.3 FM, Malindi 90.1 FM, Kapenguria & Kitale 93.3 FM, Voi & Kibwezi 96.9 FM, Lodwar 88.6 FM, Lokichogio 89.3FM, Garsen 93.1 FM, Kitui & Kajiado 92.9 FM, Lamu 96.3 FM, Maralal 1107 MW, Wajir 1152 MW, Marsabit 675 MW, Garissa 567 MW.


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